Europe 2013 Day 2-6 – TomorrowLand

by Troy Grosfield
August 9th, 2013

TomorrowLand is a music festival in Boom, Belgium that attracts some of the top DJ’s in the world and brings in people from about as many countries as the olympics



We took a high speed train from London to Brussels, Belgium that actually goes under the the English Channel. The TomorrowLand organizers put everyone in random seats so you’re not even next to the people you went on the trip with. This was actually a pretty clever way for everyone to meet. We ended up meeting a bunch of from many different countries and met some Canadians who we’d eventually end up camping next to. The train was a pretty smooth and easy ride.

From the train station we jumped on shuttles to Boom where TomorrowLand was. Needless to say a few of the Irish folks we met drank a bit too much on the train and ended up puking just outside the train.

Boom, Belgium


Boom is a small town in Belgium with a beautiful landscape.  It’s very clean and the people were very friendly. Most people travel by bike around town or walk. Mercedes are very common cars for the people that live there.

The music stages are setup all around the bodies of water that are around town. It’s quite an impressive scene.



Camping in DreamVille, the name of the campsite, was very interesting. Andrew ended up buying all the camping gear we needed and bringing an extra bag from the US. It was nice to not have to worry about finding gear once we arrived in Boom. Our shuttle was one of the later shuttles to arrive in Boom so we had to walk quite far too find a decent campsite. This turned out to be a good thing once we saw all the mud puddles that formed around the beginning campsites from all the rain we eventually end up getting. There were shower areas that were covered on large tents so we at least were able to shower.

There were also large areas for food and drinks and there was even a small market in DreamVille.

The Gathering


The Gathering was a party for all the people camping in DreamVille the night before the actual festival started. There were a number of people that attended and had an early introduction to each other as well as the campsite.

The People

There were people from many different countries around the world. You would constantly see flags flying high in the crowd.

Groups of people would form to do crazy things in the crowd like getting 4 people on the shoulders of one person so they stand out in a crowd while getting support from the friendly neighbors who they likely had never met. You see flag from all different countries represented. I went up on shoulders once to throw up the American flag and was surprised to get an ovation from from all the people around us. The people were all very friendly!

The Weather

The weather was a bit challenging. We got hit with rain on all but one of the days which made for a muddy mess. However, the rain was not alone. There was also pretty significant lightning and thunder which didn’t seem to scare off the people too much. There were a few times it would rain so hard you’d find yourself dancing in a puddle of water then lightning would light up the sky. Not exactly the safest situation, but surely a time you’d never forget.

When the bad weather would start you’d hear loud blast in the sky that were shot from TomorrowLand to try and break up the weather pattern. I had never seen this tactic before and found it to be quite interesting…and quite ineffective. We still got poured on. Most of the rain came in the morning and at night which made for very muddy conditions wherever.

The main stage was on a large grass hill which all turned into some slippery mud. That became very interesting for many party goers. People would start at the top and get a running start to slide down the hill. One guy even did it naked and they all ended up with large raspberries and scrapes on their front sides.

There were others who didn’t intend to slide down the hill that would slip and be covered in mud. This made people watching on the hill quite funny!

The Music

There were many great performances by many great DJs. As with most event an awesome crowd can make an event all that much better.
Many of the drops that would hit would cause the crowd to erupt in a dance that ended up looking like a tidal wave from above. The energy from the crowd was incredible!

Some of the sets I enjoyed the most were:

  • Hardwell
  • Tiesto
  • Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Axwell, who I was probably the most excited to see because I hadn’t seen him live yet since Swedish House Mafia broke up
  • Cazzette, whose set was on an artificial stage on the water
  • Armin Van Buuren, who by far had the worst weather. This set we ended up dancing in a pond of water with lightning all around.
  • David Guetta, talks a lot during his sets
  • Steve Aoki, Like David Guetta, he also talks a lot during his set, but he had quite the stage presence with his crazy antics. Every show he takes a cake and throws it into the crowd. Then he’ll also throw a blown up raft into the sea of people which he usually jumps in.
  • Aviici, definitely redeemed himself after a very chill set at Ultra Music Festival

Overall the experience was incredible and one that I for sure won’t forget!

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