Europe 2013 Day 1 – London, King’s Cross Station, St. Pancras International, Clink Hostel, O’Neills Pub

by Troy Grosfield
July 25th, 2013

And so the journey off to Europe for round 2 to this amazing continent begins. Like last Europe trip, once again jet lag took its toll. I wanted to sleep on the flight over, but ended up watching two movies and drinking with Andrew which made the flight go by fast, but also meant no sleep which was tough one we arrived in London.

Once we arrived in London, we jumped on a train to Kings Cross Station to the hostel we’d be staying at the first night, Clink 78.

It was my first experience with a hostel and an interesting one to say the least. We stayed in a coed room with 12 other people from all over the world. Everyone was super friendly and it is quite easy too meet people. The hostel puts on events nightly so everyone can socialize.

The rooms were very hot and smelled like a locker room. It was so hot it made it super uncomfortable to sleep. However, I think hostels in general are pretty awesome. They just need to invest in some air conditioning!

During the day we went over to Kings Cross Station which was where parts of Harry potter was filmed, “platform 9 3/4”. It’s a very beautiful train station.



We then walked across the steet to St. Pancras International train station and renaissance hotel. It had a very old and cool look to it which was massive on the inside!


After the train station, we went to O’Neills Pub for some brews and a bite to eat. It was home to the largest burger I’ve ever eaten! It was a mixed grill burger with hamburger, chicken, sausage, pork, fried egg and onion rings. This thing was about the height of Andrews Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was delicious!


Another thing I learned while I was there was that the Brits serve and drink their beer at room temperature. That was a bit of an adjustment coming from the states where all beer is served refreshingly cold!

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