Having a Positive Influence on Lifestyles

by Troy Grosfield
March 1st, 2012

Over the past few months at Cerner we’ve been working on a website called It’s a competition website where people can compete against each other to get the most steps, which are tracked by Fitbit pedometers, or lose the most percent of their body weight.

This morning, I was walking into work and realize I forgot my badge to get into the door. I see this guy start walking toward the door thinking he was going to let me in for sure. Instead, right before he gets to the door he turns and starts walking the other way back down the hall. I started thinking to myself, “what a jerk.” The look behind him to see a whole row of people following him doing the same thing.

My fellow associates were walking back and forth down the long Cerner Innovation Campus halls so they can get more steps in for their competition. So while I was upset nobody would let me in the door, it sure feels great to be able to have a positive change in people’s behavior to promote healthier lives! Good work team!

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