SXSW Day 5 – Freelancers, TOMS Blake Mycoskie, Trade Show, Web 3.0

by Troy Grosfield
March 16th, 2011

Freelancers: You’re Five Products away from Freedom

Freelancers: You're Five Products away from Freedom

Freelancers: You're Five Products away from Freedom

Goal of a freelancer should be to create product that generate reoccurring revenue.  How do you get your products to create:

  1. $100/day
  2. $100/week
  3. $100/month

If you’re a freelancer and you only create products that generate a 1 time income amount you will become tied down to your job. Any time you aren’t working, you aren’t make money.

Get a few products off the ground that start generating reoccurring revenue to keep you afloat.

Get your products to the market.  You will receive feedback from your end users who will also give you more ideas.

Keynote: Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie

Blake is the founder or TOMS shoes where for every pair of shoes sold, the company donates a pair of shoes to a person in need.  He was on one of the early seasons of amazing race.  He was in Argentina and noticed there were many people that had a need for shoes.  There was a local group that had extra shoes that they were going to just throw away. So he took the shoes and gave them to people in need.

So after feeling great for helping the people in need, he decided to create the business that donated for every purchase.  Many benefits with this approach.

First off, this is an incredible business model where he can feel great knowing that for every sale he’s helping someone in need.  That may be one of the best feelings you could ever have.

Second, it’s great publicity.  This helps makes the sale.  Both consumers and partners want to be a part of contributing for the greater good regardless of the price.  It also helps the consumer better justify their purchase.

Third, the people are your advertising.  It’s such a great story that word of mouth becomes some of the only marketing you need.

Very good presenter.  Very energetic.  Great business story!  This was the most influential and powerful keynote at SXSW!

Trade Show

Trade Show

Trade Show

The trade show was a large room with many different companies showing what they had to offer.  Almost all companies were offering free gear or food and drinks as you walked by while they give you the rundown of their company.

Microsoft had a cool setup.  They had the Connect hooked up to two robots who fought in a rink.  The robots were controlled by your body movements.  You lean forward to make the robot go forward, twist to make it turn, and punch to make the robot punch.  Was pretty cool and pretty responsive to human movement.

Keynote: Reid Hoffman Presentation: Data as Web 3.0

Reid Hoffman talking about the importance of predictive analytics looking at past trends.  Mass amounts of data is being produced every day which can be mined for answers for the future.

Don’t ambush your users.  Make sure they know what’s data of theirs is being used.

Linkedin is using user data to do things like project what qualifications are needed to get certain jobs.

Also, reiterated the ‘launch early’ stance.  There’s a good chance that your initial product release has something that was wrong.  Getting the product right on the first time very rarely happens.  Even if controlled user testing occurs, it’s only s small subset of your end users.  Release early and get user feedback!

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