Making Video Content Discoverable on the Web

by Troy Grosfield
September 28th, 2010

Google came out with the idea of video sitemaps. It’s a way to make your video content more discoverable.  They ask you to submit the following information about your video using their webmaster tools:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Play page url
  4. Thumbnail image url
  5. Raw video file location

The one flaw in the process is that they make you submit this information to them instead of just automagically discoving it.  The beauty of Google is their crawler will run through your site and find your content without the content owner really having to do any work at all.  They index that content and make your pages discoverable in search results.   They could do this same thing with videos….

If anyone has used Google’s Android OS knows it comes with kick a$$ speech to text functionality.  What they could do is:

  1. Extract the audio file from the video container
  2. Submit that audio file to their speech to text converter
  3. Link the converted speech to text file to the video page

Now, you would have all the text from the audio in the video.  They would have all the video content in text form and could now index it the same way they index a regular web page (or close to).  No, the speech to text isn’t 100% accurate, but it does a pretty good job from my experiences.  They could allow the video page owner to somehow edit the speech to text file associated with the video to fix any conversion issues.  That would be my suggestion to Google, or an ambitious developer, and would possibly be a solution to making video content more discoverable.

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