MediaWiki as an Online Notebook

by Troy Grosfield
August 19th, 2010


The people who made MediaWiki come to life really deserve a standing ovation.  They provide a great tool for people to download and use for free.  When I setup this site one of the first things I got working was my own wiki.  I felt like I was getting ideas all the time and when I would write them on anything I could find.  A napkin, notebook, sticky note, paper towel, etc. It became increasing difficult to maintain all these notes and ideas and i would often lose them or accidentally throw them away.

That’s where MediaWiki came in.  I was able to setup my wiki to use as an online notebook that I could use whenever and wherever I was anywhere in the world.  It gave me the control I needed to organized all my thoughts in one place.  It was much easier for me to stay focused and recall thoughts and ideas I had or add to existing ideas I previously had.

Setup Your Own

If you’re looking to get your own instance of MediaWiki setup you can follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t have your environment already setup I recommend downloading a WAMP stack (Apache, MySql, php) for windows or a LAMP stack (Apache, MySql, php) for linux.  Bitnami provides a simple install of both.
  2. Locate your php.ini file from wherever you downloaded your stack or wherever you have php downloaded.  Open the file and search for doc_root. It will show you where your document root folder location is (you can change this location later).
  3. Download the latest version of MediaWiki from their site MediaWiki’s site and install it into your doc_root folder location.
  4. Follow the installation guide instructions to get MediaWiki up and running from MediaWiki’s site.

Thanks MediaWiki!  Your software rocks!

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