Europe Day 18 – Rome, Inside of Coliseum, Santa Maria

by Troy Grosfield
June 12th, 2010

Woke up early to go into the Coliseum today. It was much nicer on the inside than what I had anticipated. It was very interesting to me because I see gladiators in a very similar light as athletes. We are both entertainers and work on a similar stage. Obviously the stakes are much different, but the glory is very similar. Successful gladiators were looked at as hero’s and the people loved them. The same can be said for athletes.

Walking up the tunnel gave me all the same game day feelings I once had. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around inside and highly recommend it! You can get very detailed views from all around the inside of the Coliseum and can even get field level access where you can see below where the ground level would’ve once been.

Later in the day we walked up to Santa Maria since we were right down the street. It’s much like the Vatican, but not quite as nice. The pictures that line the walls are held up by statues that work at picture frames. It was very nicely done and very detailed.

The weather here has been perfect. Every day we’ve spent in Rome was low to mid 80’s with very sunny skies. That’s my kind of weather!

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