Europe Day 16 – Athens, Aegina

by Troy Grosfield
June 10th, 2010

Today we saw the true beauity of Greece. We took a cruise to Aegina, one of the Greek islands, today. It’s a great change up from the hectic crime ridden streets of Athens.

We took a boat looked and felt like a cruise ship. The inside was huge and split up into 3 different sections. Each having their own unique look and feel. Then there was a top deck where you could have an open air view of all the islands. The boat ride over was a little over 1 hour and was very scenic. The boat ride was very affordable and only cost €20 round-trip (about $24 at the time of the trip).

Marathonas beach

Marathonas beach

When we got to the island we rented a car and cruised on down to Marathonas beach. A local girl told us it was the best beach on the island. It’s the most scenic beach I have ever been to. As you look out across the water you see island after island. The water was more clear than a swimming pool. You could easily see to the bottom when the water was around 5 feet deep and beyond. It was an incredible sight!

Then we took our beast of a rental car to the top of Aegina to a monument that looked like a smaller version of the Acropolis. It had a 360° view of the island which was great.

If you ever visit Greece you must visit the islands! They are likely what you see in pictures of Greece. The mainland has a few attractions, but is only really entertaining for a day or two at best.


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