Europe Day 14 – Athens, Acropolis, Piraeus

by Troy Grosfield
June 8th, 2010

Witnessed another run in with security. Saw a security guy run down two men after they apparently stole something. Later found out that they are just trying to sell umbrellas in areas they aren’t allowed.


The Acropolis

The Acropolis

Went to visit the Acropolis today.  There is much more than what meets the eye with this place.  They are in the process of restoring it the way they think it once was from excavations and other findings.  It’s quite a hike to get all the way to the top, but all the ancient structures you see along the way are quite amazing!  Once you reach the summit you have a 360° view of Athens all the way up to the shoreline.  It’s an incredible sight!

View from the top of the Acropolis

View from the top of the Acropolis

The view of the city was beautiful.  They have lookout points all around where you can just sit on the ledge and look over all of Athens.  However, they do have certain areas roped off and they mean business.  I jumped one of the ropes and onto a rock and out of nowhere I was being whistled at to get down immediately.

Sunglasses are a necessity around the Acropolis.  All the roads, paths, and buildings are made of white stone.   So on a sunny day you have extreme glares from all directions which makes it hard to keep your eyes open.

Side of the Acropolis

Side of the Acropolis

The tourist areas at the base of the Acropolis are very nice and very well kept.   They have some great restaurants and bars which are laid out very well on the inside.


Transportation here is great! It reminds me a lot of Chicago and the El. The ‘metro’ will take you almost anywhere in the city and it’s very cheap. We actually met another American couple who gave us their metro tickets, but it’s €10 to ride any public transportation in the city unlimited for a week.

We cruised on down to Piraeus on the metro to check out the city and the ports around town. There are many ferries here that will take you to the different islands.

As soon as we got off the metro there were lines of black market shops setup. It’s great to be able to get designer items for so cheap. Got to love the knock off look-a-likes!

Our Favorite Local Beers

Our Favorite Local Beers

Stopped by to have a few Greek beers at a local pub and the beers are quite good. We tried Alfa and Mythos which were fantastic and quite strong :)  They also weren’t very expensive at all.  It was right around €2 per beer.

Athens City Vibe

When we got back we decided to stroll around the Athens streets a bit. I was quite impressed. There are streets full of stores probably 20 blocks long. You can find just about anything you’re looking for and the areas are kept much cleaner than in the non-shopping areas. You can barter for a lot of items in stores. You can tell that they are really trying hard to make a sale.

At the end of one of the shopping streets was a very impressive education building. We tried to go in, but the lady at the door said it wasn’t open to the public. Funny something paid with tax payers dollars isn’t open to the public.

Once again I am surprised at the American music influence here. There are people who don’t speak or understand any English, but can sing American songs. It blows me away that American music has such a strong presence overseas.

View from the top of the Acropolis

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