Europe Day 12 – Rome, Museum of Saint Angelo, Piazza Navona

by Troy Grosfield
June 6th, 2010
Museum of Saint Angelo

Museum of Saint Angelo

National Museum of Saint Angelo

We went to the National Museum of Saint Angelo next to the Vatican today. It looks like a huge fort and was used to protect the Pope. You can go all the way to the top of the museum where you probably have one of the best views in Rome. It towers over many of the nearby buildings and statues and gives you about a 270° view of Rome.

Piazza Navone

Went to the Piazza Navone, a city square, to have dinner and the area was very crowded and full off entertainers. It was probably some of the most talented people I have ever seen. There were a group of breakdancers pulling off some incredible moves. They were much better than the street breakdancers we saw in Amsterdam.

Break dancers at Piazza Navone

Break dancers at Piazza Navone

All the places to eat along the square have patios in the front of the restaurants. We picked one that had a very talented guitarist, Marcello Calabrese, playing in the street in front of us. He played the instrumentals of popular American songs with his own twist. It’s always nice to have very good free entertainment!

Also along the streets are artists. You can find anything from original paintings, painting prints, charactures or portraits drawn on the spot. They do some incredible work and realism in their work is phenomenal

Break Dancers at Piazza Navone

It’s fairly hard to use credit cards in Europe and the Euro is a difficult currency to carry around. All the bills are different sizes with the larger valued bills being the biggest. Anything less than €5 comes in the form of a coin. After a day of shopping you’ll find yourself with a pocket full of change that isn’t very convenient to carry around.

Popular European Cars

Popular European Cars


The majority of the cars you see in the streets are super small. Most are 2 door Fiats or smart cars. They are much more eco friendly and you get a lot more miles, or kilometers, to the gallon. They are also much easier to park and maneuver down the narrow streets.

In more populated areas, like Rome, it seemed quite inconvenient to have large cars and only in rare circumstances would you see expensive sports cars or other luxury cars.  The primary transportation around town is either by foot or on a bike.

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