Europe Day 8 – Sicily, Mt. Etna, Auchan Mall

by Troy Grosfield
June 2nd, 2010
View of Mt. Etna

View of Mt. Etna

Mt. Etna

Today we ventured up to see the volcano, Mt. Etna.  It’s an incredible volcano!  It’s the first volcano I’ve ever been to.  It’s very easy to see where the lava flowed down the mountain because you see large black areas of volcanic rock.   Where there isn’t volcanic rock you’ll see a lot of green vegetation.  It’s a very night and day difference.

We drove up as far as we could where there’s a bunch of souvenir shops and places to eat about half way up the volcano.  You can take a gondola ride up to the top of the volcano, but the entire trip takes over 3 hours (so we were told).   If we didn’t show up so late we would’ve done it.  It costs about €25.

The weather is about 40 degrees cooler at the top compared to the base of the volcano.   Good thing we were all wearing shorts and short sleeve t-shirts and didn’t have any jackets.

Buried House on Mt. Etna

Buried House on Mt. Etna

On the way back down the mountain we saw a house that had been buried by lava.  So we parked the car and went to explore.   It was quite a sight to see seeing how the lava went all the way to the roof top and the house was obviously abandoned so we went in through a hole in the side of the house to see what was inside.   We had to stay on the second floor because the first floor had caved in.  It was a fun adventure!

After the volcano we cruised on over to the Auchan mall which had just recently opened within the last few months.  I drove to the mall which was my first experience driving in a foreign place. The round-abouts can be tricky in times of heavy traffic and the road lanes and parking spots are very small. The mall was very busy and it was quite hard to get help due to the language barrier.  However, with enough pointing and saying words that nobody understands you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

Tip: Learn the Language

Learn the language basics before taking a trip. Learn common greetings and phrases you will need when going into the city because not everyone will speak English.  In fact, very few people speak English so having a little background in the language is extremely helpful.

We ate dinner at Reitana in Acitrezza.   It was a great restaurant with great appetizers and great wine.  We couldn’t really read the menu and the waiter didn’t speak English so we just picked a bunch of meals at random that we thought looked good.

After dinner we cruised down to the shoreline where there are lots of places to grab drinks along the Mediterranean.   It was a great place to chill along the calm waters and relax with friends and family.



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