Europe Day 7 – Sicily, Beach, Catania City Center, Navy Military Base

by Troy Grosfield
June 1st, 2010
Sicily Beach

Sicily Beach

The Beach

Went to the beach in Catania.  The weather was perfect, but the beach doesn’t officially open until the end of the month so there weren’t many people here. That and it was Monday so most of the city is working.  The background of the beach is a very large volcano, Mt. Etna.  It can be seen from about anywhere and towers over the rest of the city.

Catania City Center

Catania City Center

City Center

Went to the city center in Catania for lunch. It truly feels like we’re out of the country.   Nobody speaks English and people look at us like we’re tourists. I like it! Building architecture here is amazing. You see statues on almost all the buildings. We also stopped at the fort museum in the center of the city. It’s made up of about a 10 foot thick wall and surrounded by a large ravine which was likely filled with water at one point. The fort is filled with paintings and sculptures that had been left behind.

Driving around town is pretty chaotic. There really aren’t any rules on the road so it’s like a free for all. You constantly feel like you’re going to get in a wreck.

We checked out the Navy military base where Mike works. It’s like a nice vacation resort. They have a nice gym, great shopping, and the area is very modern. It’s like a city within the city and everything is Americanized.

It’s pretty easy to find American music here. American music seems to be a big influence everywhere in Europe.



Night on the Town

Before heading out we tried some Absinthe for the first time. Man is that stuff terrible and powerful! It leaves a horrible aftertaste in your mouth so be sure to have a strong chaser close by. I didn’t so jalapeno chips had to suffice.

We decided to head back to city center for dinner. We went to a nice place called Mumute. People here don’t go to dinner until late. Dinner doesn’t start until about 9:30 pm which is normal here.

Work Hours

The work hours are very different. People don’t work the typical 8-5 or 9-6. They work two different shifts during the days. Which allows for people to go out almost every night of the week. We went out on a Tuesday night and the streets were packed. It was very lively and after the bars there are some great local places to grab a bite to eat for cheap.

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