Europe Day 6 – Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Sicily

by Troy Grosfield
May 31st, 2010
Amsterdam Nightlife

Amsterdam Nightlife

I like the music influence in Amsterdam.  Almost all places have a very techo/hip hop genre including stores, restaurants, and during the night life.  The music is very energetic and almost every place has a DJ.

Van Gogh Museum

We were able to get up and go to the Van Gogh museum today.   The parts I found interesting were the readings from his letters that he had written that were on the museum walls next to the paintings.  He wrote about his paintings and explained why he painted the things he did.  It was great to see the work from someone I had learned about from the time I was very young.

Amsterdam was an amazing experience and would highly recommend taking a trip to visit such a wonderful and diverse place.


We flew into Rome on our way to Palermo. It’s much warmer here which has me quite excited for the beaches! We flew easyjet which is a bit hectic. They don’t have assigned seating or any sort of boarding order. So it’s basically mass chaos with strangers pushing and shoving to get to the plane for the good seats. I’m noticing already that not nearly as many people speak English here. That will be interesting seeing how I don’t speak any Italian.

Sicily From the Road

Sicily From the Road


Arriving into Sicily my first reaction is wow!  We flew in as the sun was setting, but we were still able to see a bit of Palermo which is on the Northwest side of sicily.   The mountains are incredible and remind me of a mini version of the Colorado mountains. We rented a car to get across Sicily to where Sam’s friend Mike’s place is in Catania in the eastern part of Sicily.  This is where we’re going to spend the next few days.  The aren’t any speed limits so we were cruising at about 170 km/hr.  It took about 2 hours to get across the entire island. I can’t wait to see more of Sicily tomorrow!

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