Europe Day 4 – Amsterdam and José’s Second Concert

by Troy Grosfield
May 29th, 2010
Amsterdam Breakdancers

Amsterdam Breakdancers

Safety really hasn’t been much of a concern at all. There are many people all around town all the time so you never get in an area where you feel alone which is comforting.

During the day there are many entertainers in the streets.  You can see anything from break dancing to magic tricks.  The mini shows are ‘free’ but gratuities are always appreciated.

It doesn’t get dark till late, like around 10:30 pm.  That has been an interesting adjustment because you will be having a drink at a bar and it feels more like happy hour than the late night.  Then 9 pm rolls around and you realize you forgot to eat dinner.

José’s 2nd concert

Jose's 2nd Concert

Jose's 2nd Concert

Today was the day of José’s 2nd concert and it’s quite the venue.  The concert hall has 22 hand carved statues on the walls and resides in a museum.  The crowd is very lively and everyone wants to dance.  They are very engaged in the performance and are very loud.  José was just as excited to see us today as he was the first day.   It’s nice to see how much he appreciates us being here.   He’s a great man and still performing at the age of 86!  He received a very heart warming and well deserved standing ovation at the end of the concert.  They put on another fantastic show!

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