Europe Day 3 – Amsterdam, Bathrooms, Coffeeshops and Smart Shops

by Troy Grosfield
May 28th, 2010

People seem much taller here.  When I find myself in a crowd I often feel very short amongst the locals.  It becomes even more prevalent in larger crowds.

Amsterdam Streets

Amsterdam Streets

Almost everywhere you go you will find good food.  There aren’t many fast food places, but bakeries are plentiful and very good as well.  They take their desserts very seriously.  During the late night it’s pretty easy to find food.


Using bathrooms in public places can be a headache.  Almost every public bathroom charges you to use it and the bathrooms are quite small.  The going rate is about €0,50. Which seems to be a bit ridiculous!

Public Bathrooms

Public Bathrooms

The one public restroom is a outhouse right in the middle of a packed square.  There are 16 open urinals that people can walk up to if they need to relieve themselves.

So far we’ve been very pleased and are having a great time!

Coffeeshops and Smart Shops

Ever few blocks you come across “smart shops” and “coffeeshops”.

The smart shops sell mushrooms that either give you a body buzz or that are hallucinogenic.  You walk in and can see all what they have to sell behind a counter.  Each different type of mushroom shows the affects it will have on you and the strength.

Resin Coffee Shop

Resin Coffee Shop

The coffee shops are places where they pretty much just sell marijuana.  You walk in and talk to the guy at the counter.  They hand you a menu style list that you can order from and you place your order.  There’s usually a pretty wide selection and the people selling the marijuana are quite knowledgeable about the products they are selling.

Most coffee shops have places where you can go smoke in the back after you make your purchase.

It’s really quite amazing how liberal they are in Amsterdam.

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