Europe Day 1 – Travel

by Troy Grosfield
May 26th, 2010

So the trip finally begins! I have wanted to take a trip to Europe since about my sophomore year in high school, but for one reason or another I wasn’t able to make it happen. I thought I would take the trip for sure as soon as I graduated college, but I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to do the trip as long as I wanted to and I didn’t want to travel by myself so I never went.

Once I started working at Cerner only having 2 weeks of vacation a year made it seem nearly impossible to make the trip a reality. Then last October my grandma’s boyfriend, Jose Coblés (stage name Puerto Plata) who is a world renown musician, had a gig over in Amsterdam. The original thought was that we would try to do a family reunion.

As soon as I heard about the opportunity I jumped on it. I went to my manager at the time at Cerner and asked them how I wanted to take this trip and it would likely span over a 2 week period. To my surprise they were very accommodating and didn’t have any problems with it. Thanks Cerner! That means a lot and makes me feel like I can live my life the way I want.

We weren’t able to get quite as many family members out as we would’ve liked, but will have a great time with the ones that could make it out. I will be traveling with my sister Monica and my cousin Sam for the majority of the trip as well as meeting one of my aunts in Amsterdam. My dad will also be joining me later in the trip when we head to Greece.

I thought I would be able to do a better job sleeping on the planes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. One thing I am happy about was bringing a comfortable light weight jacket (northface). It doubles up quite nicely as a pillow.

It’s hard to mentally prepare for the long flights. Especially after we got stuck on the runway for an hour because the airport was so busy. Europe we’re almost there!

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